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    The Bar Pages needed a custom website built for Nationwide that would let nationwide employees create personalized 2D barcodes. These barcodes once scanned would bring up a personalized mobile phone website. I was brought in towards the end of this project to implement a recurring billing system, give it a quick facelift, and set up the background processing of the barcode.


    The Bar Pages

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  • Ruby 1.9 QR Code Generator


    A while back I was working on a project that needed to generate QR codes ( 2D barcodes ). The only gem I could find to assist me was really out of date and only worked with Ruby 1.8. I updated the gem to work with Ruby 1.9 and put it up on Rubygems just so no one els... continue →

  • Helpful gems and js tools, old and new


    Today I was having interesting conversation with a fellow web developer about some of the newer open source tools I have been looking into including SASS, HAML, and CoffeeScript. One question seemed pervasive in the conversation.... “Is this rails specific?”, HAML cl... continue →

  • Three awesome and promising relatively new applications


    Over the past month I have stumbled across a few applications that look very promising due to the easy way they tackle the mundane tasks I perform everyday as a web developer. None of these tasks individually take that much time, however over the course of a day it ... continue →