Fullstack web developer using
Ruby and Javascript

My development toolset.

Ruby on Rails

Since building my first Rails application back in 2007 I have loved the beauty and simplicity of the Ruby language. One of my favorite features of Rails has to be size of its community thats builds gems and contributes to the Rails codebase itself. There seems to be a entire vibe that surrounds open source.

Javascript, Coffeescript

Before Node.js even came around I was building full web applications in pure JS. I really love working with JS because its blazingly fast, and lightweight. I also really enjoy working with architectures centered around asynchronous JSON and small data end points.

Note that this site was built using Node.js, Express, and Gulp.


SASS is an extension of CSS, adding nested rules, variables, mixins, and selector inheritance.

HTML5, HAML and Jade

Three ways to write structural markup for any interface.


PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system.


NoSQL document store, containing many different key-value pairs, or even nested documents.

Toolbox without limits

By no means am I limited to only what I have listed, I have a passion for learning new tech and I am a firm believer in the right tool for the job. I love prototyping new ideas and exploring where things are headed.

I am a highly motivated web application developer, a designer with 9+ years of GUI experience, and have 7+ years working with Ruby on Rails. I also have intensive experience working with JavaScript.


  • 2011 - 2016: W&R Studios

    Over the span of several years I assisted in maintaining and launching 4 SAAS/Rails projects within a small, agile team for the real estate industry. Most recently creating a custom front-end framework to consume a Rails JSON API.

  • 2001 - 2007: Foldera

    Co-founded a software company that was aimed to improve project management and collaboration. My role was Lead Designer/Usability Engineer.

"Derek Rush was the first developer hired by W&R Studios. From the beginning Derek has shown great vision with our flagship product and contributed to many favorable enhancements. Derek has also been instrumental contributing to the development of two additional products with key innovations that separates us from the competition. Derek is a strong collaborator with fellow teammates and has mentored new developers along the way. If you are considering adding to your team Derek is a proven asset every successful company should have." ~ Gary McDaniel - Director of Member Services, W&R Studios

Recent Projects

  • CloudMLX

    Built a front-end framework, to search MLS's through a natural language search feature. Using complex REGEX patterns we use autocomplete to match records and display results as the user enters search criteria. We achieve this by leveraging the performance of JS's non-blocking asynchronous nature for performance which is able to query Rails, HTML5 localstorage, and a ElasticSearch Server all at once. This framework was influenced by Rob Eisenbergs Aurelia, with only leveraging core concepts for loading speed. Look for it soon.

  • CloudCMA

    My first project at W&R, this is a online comparative market analysis (CMA) generator for real estate agents. I was able to add many features over time, such as the "Whats your home worth?" lead capturer, and the iPad version of cloudCMA.

    Check it out!

  • Nudge

    Nudge was a very simple email alert system to notify clients about changes in the real estate market, tease upcoming listings and send general digital promotional flyers. I worked on all aspects of this project including building all widget animations in javacript.

    Check it out!